Candace Gabrielse

Off the Clock
Candace Gabrielse

One of the secrets to the success of any manufacturing facility is, FOOD! And what is cherished just as much as this noted topic? The members who volunteer their time and talents to make the much-enjoyed nourishment! This week we get the chance to meet one of those members. Candace (Candy) Gabrielse loves to pour her heart into all kinds of delicious treats to pass out not only at work, but with friends and family as well! Tune in to this episode of Off the Clock, a podcast made the Johnsonville way as Jeff and Joe meet the bubbly, ever positive and enthusiastic member that is Candy Gabrielse!

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  1. OMG😄😄!! You guys were comical. I still can’t believe that someone ate 90 bomb pops 😵‍💫🤯😁!! Bet that member was bouncing off the walls when he got back on line and probably crashed when he got home 😴😴😴!! After listening to Candy talk about the different treats she makes, it was making me hungry for some sweets. You guys were talking about the deviled eggs and such things. I have 3 older sisters,1 younger sister, and 1 older brother. At Thanksgiving and Christmas we have 1 older sister that makes really good deviled eggs, another older sister that makes really good cheesey potatoes, and the younger sister that makes a really good chocolate oclair torte bars. The older brother likes to make rice crispy bars. So yeah, we have family members that have to bring their specialty dishes each time. I enjoyed listening to and laughing along with everyone on this podcast. Learned quite a bit too. I’m surprised that Candy doesn’t do a part-time side job selling her bakeware to the public.

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