Randy Rasmovicz Part 3

Off the Clock
Randy Rasmovicz Part 3

We’ve made it to the final instalment of Randy’s episode; and in Randy Rasmovicz part 3 we meet the love or Randy’s life, the sports car of his dreams, and the joy Randy has in building into the next generations of his family! Thank you so much Randy for sharing your story with us and the world, what a ride it has been!

When Randy Rasmovicz reached out, he outlined a life’s tail that could only to be rivaled by Forest Gump. Then we sat down with Randy, and he wasn’t kidding! Randy outlined a story that has us starting in the abandoned steal mines of Pennsylvania, to time in the Armed Forces, then meeting literal Rockstar’s, on to becoming a Rockstar himself, and finally buying the racecar of his dreams, and a whole lot in between all that! We’ve loving labeled Randy’s episode our Forest Gump episode!

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